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I am not a big fan of toners because in the past I have found them to be too harsh and irritating on my skin. So far I have found one toner that did not irritate my skin but it didn’t feel very refreshing either…So I can only suggest toners that claim to be good for combination skin. After a bit of research, it seems like a toner that soothes the skin and doesn’t strip off all the oils from your skin might be the best kind of toner for combi skin. I think that if you’re prone to having a very oily t-zone and large pores it would be fine to use a pore minimising toner. However, if you’re more on the dry side I would stick to something that adds hydration to your skin.
I tend to use both essence/ampoule and a serum but I’m putting them under one category. If you do use both I would recommend that either would target oiliness and other would target dryness or have soothing properties. I have a few favourites in this category that I have found to work extremely well when my skin is very dry.

I would recommend a gel type moisturiser because some of the cream types that contain oils can be too heavy for a combi skin and even though they are very moisturising, they actually might end up clogging your pores and making your t-zone even oilier! If you are getting a cream type moisturiser, just make sure it doesn’t contain oils.

I think most masks and packs for fine with combination skin. In fact I like using them because I can change what kind of mask I want to use depending on my skin trouble at the time. Clay masks are very useful during summer and mask sheets are a savior during winter.
That’s it people. These a only the few items that I think are good for combination skin but obviously there is a lot more out there 😀
I think the key to finding a great skincare regimen for combi skin is to have a mix of products that treat either the dryness or the oiliness of your skin. It’s important not only use products that will end up drying your skin or accentuating the oiliness.Good Luck!! Have a great weekend!

Hello world!

To all of my fellow combination skin type owners…I’m sure we all know how frustrating it can be to have the sort of skin that can be oily and dry at the same time! I have gone through a lot of different periods with my skin that can vary somewhere between acne and irritated skin…It has taken a long time for me to understand what works for my ever changeable skin and what doesn’t and also how the seasons might affect it.

I have tried out so many things and learned by trial and error and I think that I have finally found product types that work for me. The process has been extremely frustrating but at the same time I have learned many things about cosmetics and my skin. I wanted to share this post, because hopefully to those who are new to Korean cosmetics, and have a combination skin, it will be useful in finding skincare products that might help with your problematic skin.

I think that for most people with combination skin, cleansing oils are the “go to” cleanser! It melts away all the impurities from your skin but doesn’t leave your skin too dry. To those with combination skin with acne problems as well, I would highly recommend a moisturising foam cleanser. 

Here are a few Korean cleansers that I would recommend:

Innisfree cleansers have been my “go to” cleanser for a long time and I think they are bound to have a cleanser in their collection that suits your skin type!

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